Tertiary Education Loans Scheme for Graduates seeking to upgrade to MBBS

This scheme applies to all For Fijians with and relevant undergraduate qualification wishing to upgrade their qualification to Bachelor of Medicine –Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). Only 30 places are available and the applicants must not be under any existing scholarship or Loans bond. Applicants must be accepted in the MBBS program by the local HEI’s to be considered for the award.

Application Requirements:
  • Completed application form (TSLB 01).
  • Current Higher education qualification certificates and transcripts 
  • Offer letter from the Higher Education Institute.
  • Certified True Copy of the Birth Certificate.
  • Tin Letter/FRCA-FNPF Joint Card of the Student
  • Tin Letter/FRCA-FNPF Joint Card of the Parents/Guardian
  • 2 recent passport size photos
  • Copy of bank statement with account under the applicant’s name.
  • Letter of current employment confirmation
Incomplete forms will not be considered.
All photocopied documents must be certified by an authorized person.

How to Apply
  1. Scan and get all the required documents read before starting the process of applying online in the pdf, png, or jpg format. 
  2. Visit www.tslb.com.fj and register for TSLB online services. Applicants cannot apply online unless registered first.
  3. One registered fill the appropriate information.
  4. Upload all the required documents. 
  5. Submit the online application.
  6. Applicants for NTS need not fill another TELS application as all unsuccessful applications for NTS will be considered for TELS. 
  7. Students will not be able to submit the form unless all mandatory fields are filled. Year 13 results and offer letter from the institutions need to be uploaded before the application will be processed.

Apply online now
Download Form TSLB 02
TELS Terms and Conditions