National Toppers Local Scholarship Scheme

These are full scholarships only for the top ranked students who have completed their Year 13 or such equivalent studies as determined by the Board in the year preceding the award year. For students to qualify for 2021 awards they should have completed Year 13 or equivalent studies in 2020. Applicants must be ranked as National Toppers in their applied priority areas for an undergraduate program at an approved Higher Education Institute.
Number of NTS Awards for 2021
The total number of scholarships available for 2021 is 600, spread between 10 priority areas of the Fijian Government.
Fijian Government's Priority Areas 2021 (Provisional!!)
Priority Categories and Programs Sub - Category No.  of Awards
Engineering: Bachelor of Engineering: Civil Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Energy Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. None Currently 90
Medicine and Health: Bachelor’s Degree in: Dietetics, Nursing, Public Health, Medical Lab Sciences, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy and Medical Imaging Science. None Currently 90
Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry: Bachelor’s Degree in: Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Agribusiness, Veterinary Sciences, Forestry, Fisheries, Aquaculture, Fish Technology, Food Technology. None Currently 50
Technology: Bachelor Degree in: Networking, Software Development, Programing, Library Sciences, Media and Journalism, Information System, Computing Science, Information Technology and Applied Computing. None Currently 35
Social Sciences: Bachelor’s Degree: Social Work, Social Policy, and Policy Administration. None Currently 5
Environment/ Marine Science: Bachelor’s Degree in: Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Climate Change and Marine Management. None Currently 30
Land/Town Planning: Bachelor’s Degree in: Land Surveying, Urban and Regional Planning, Real Estate and Property Management, Geo-Spatial Engineering, GIS/Land Acquisition and Real Estate and Property Valuation. None Currently 20
Commerce: Bachelor of Commerce in: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Official Statistics, Project Planning & Management, Property Management and Valuation, Occupational Health and Safety, Information Systems, Professional Accounting, HRM and Industrial Relations, Public Administration and Management. None Currently 120
Education: Bachelor of Education in: Primary Ed, Counselling, Psychology, Special and Inclusive Education and Secondary Ed. (Mathematics, Physics, Food & Textiles, Home Economics, Computer Sciences, Early Childhood Education and Industrial Arts).
Teacher Primary - 80
Counselling & Pshycology - 20
Special and Inclusive Education - 10
Teacher Secondary - 40
Special Areas –Diploma and Certificates: Marine Studies (Nautical Sciences & Engineering), Culinary Arts, Mining, Land Surveying, Early Childhood Education, Forensic Science and Fashion, Counselling, Special and Inclusive Education, Social and Community Work, Project Management, Geospatial Science, Organic Farming, Aquaculture, Horticulture, Animal Health and Husbandry. None Currently 10
TOTAL   600

Local Eligible Education Institutions for NTS

  • Fiji National University
  • University of Fiji
  • The University of the South Pacific
  • Corpus Christi Teachers College
  • Fulton Adventist University College
  • Sangam College of Nursing and Health Care Education

Application Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must satisfy all of the following criteria to be eligible to apply for NTS local scholarship:

  1. Must be a Fijian Citizen;
  2. Must be an ordinarily resident in Fiji for at least three years before the award commencement date;
  3. Must be either in Year 13 or such Equivalent Studies as determined by the Board at the time of application for NTS. (Foundation Studies and Students who repeat Year 13 are not eligible to apply for NTS);
  4. Must be applying for one of the Fijian Government priority area as advertised by TSLB;
  5. Must be ranked as a National Topper in the applied priority category and area applied for by meeting the annual cut off mark for each priority category; and
  6. Must secure a place at a Higher Education Institution by means of a final offer letter. (Provisional offer letters will not be accepted).
Other General Application Rules
  1. Applicants must list three choices in the order of priority from the most preferred to the least preferred choice.
  2. Applicants must select their 3 choices carefully as priority will be given to the first choice. Second and third listed choices will only be considered if there are scholarships available in the category after all first choices have been processed.
  3. All NTS Local Scholarship applicants must also fill in 3 program choices under the Tertiary Education Loans Scheme (“TELS”). In case the NTS application is not successful, the application will then be moved to TELS and processed accordingly. As such there is no need for an NTS applicant to apply for TELS separately.
Required Documents for the Application
  1. A completed online application form. Visit to access the online application portal.
  2. An official academic transcript for Year 12 and 13 or equivalent Studies (Students can apply without Year 13/Foundation Studies before the application closing date but need to submit the same as soon as the results are released, however no later than the application processing closing date).
  3. Offer letter from the Higher Education Institute. (Students can apply without the final offer letter from the Higher Education Institutions, but need to submit the same as soon as the offer letters are received, however no later than the application processing closing date).
  4. Certified true copy of the Birth Certificate.
  5. Copy of Student’s TIN Letter/FRCS-FNPF Joint Card.
  6. Evidence of Parents’/Guardians’ Income (Salary Slip for working parents/guardians or Statutory Declaration prepared and signed by the parents/guardians and witnessed by a Justice of Peace (JP) or Commissioner of Oaths for parents/guardians who are not working or are in self-employment. Parents /Guardians running a business must submit the most recent tax assessment by FRCS).
  7. Copy of Parents’/Guardians’ TIN Letter/FRCS-FNPF Joint Card.
  8. Copy of bank statement with account under the applicant’s name.
  9. Recent passport size photo.
Scholarship Privileges
Students awarded the NTS Scholarship are entitled to the following benefits:
  • Tuition Fee (As per bills raised by the HEI’s).
  • Accommodation and Meals ($2400/Semester, $2000/Trimester or $1200/Quarter); If staying in hostel (as per bills raised by the HEI’s to a maximum of $2400 for each Semester, $2000 per Trimester or $1200/Quarter for accommodation and meals combined).
  • Incidental Allowance ($1000/annum).
  • Stationary and Material Allowance ($1000/annum). 
  • General Service Fee.
How to Apply
  1. Scan and get all the required documents ready before starting the process of applying online in the pdf, png, or jpg format.
  2. Visit and register for TSLB online application. Applicants cannot apply online unless registered first.
  3. Once registered fill in the appropriate information.
  4. Upload all the required documents.
  5. Submit the online application.
  6. Students will not be able to submit the form unless all mandatory fields are filled (With the exception of Year 13 results and final program offer letter from the institutions).
Students applying online will be able to log in and check the application status at any time and also print and upload the TSLB Offer Letter, Bond Form and download their confirmation letter online.

Submitting a completed application package does not guarantee approval.

Assessment & Notification of Award
  • The Scholarship Committee shall be responsible for assessment of applications against the set criteria.
  • The committee may seek further information to verify details submitted by the applicant.
  • All scholarship application will go through an extensive review and TSLB’s decision shall be final and cannot be appealed.
  • Official indication of being granted a scholarship is the receipt of the award confirmation letter from TSLB.

Scholarship Acceptance Dead Line

  •   All scholarships offered must be accepted within 7 days from the date stated in the Provisional NTS Local Offer Letter.
  •   Offers not accepted by the deadline will be declined.
  •   To accept the offer, applicants must sign and upload the Provisional Offer Letter and Bond Form on their Landing Page (Application Portal).

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