National Toppers Scheme

These are full scholarships only for the top ranked students who have completed their Year 13  in a year preceding the award year and are ranked as National Toppers in their applied priority areas of study and wish to pursue undergraduate higher education in one of the priority areas at an approved Higher Education Institution.
Foundation Studies or Completion of Year 13 or its equivalence outside Fiji will not be considered for NTS Local or Overseas Scholarships.

The applicant must be an ordinarily resident in Fiji for at least three years before the award commencement date.

The Scholarship is awarded only in fields which fall under the priority areas established by the Fijian Government. Students must first receive an offer letter from a Higher Education Institution of their choice to be confirmed for NTS.
Currently the combined number of awards for NTS Local and Overseas studies is 970 and spread between the 12 priority areas of the Fijian Government.
This consists of 950 local awards and 20 overseas awards. The exact number of awards, the distribution of the awards within the priority areas and the minimum cut off marks for each of the priority areas is reviewed on an annual basis.

National Toppers Scholarship – Local Award Scheme


No. of Awards

Tourism: Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Management/Hospitality and Tourism Management. None Currently 30
Engineering: Bachelor of Engineering: Civil Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Energy Engineering and Mechanical Engineering None Currently 105
Medicine and Health: MBBS, Bachelor’s Degree in: Oral Health, Dental Surgery, Dietetics, Nursing, Public Health, Medical Lab Sciences, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy and Medical Imaging Science MBBS - 110
Oral Health - 20
Pharmacy - 20
Agriculture, Fisheries & Forests: Bachelor’s Degree in: Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Agribusiness, Veterinary Sciences, Forestry, Fisheries, Aquaculture, Fish Technology, Food Technology). None Currently 40
Technology: Bachelor Degree in: Networking, Software Development, Programing, Library Sciences, Media and Journalism, Information System, Computing Science, Information Technology and Applied Computing None Currently 50
Social Sciences: Bachelor’s Degree: Social Work, Social Policy, and Policy Administration. None Currently 15
Environment/ Marine Science: Bachelor’s Degree in: Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Climate Change and Marine Management None Currently 50
Land/Town Planning: Bachelor’s Degree in: Land Surveying, Urban and Regional Planning, Real Estate and Property Management, Geo-Spatial Engineering, GIS/Land Acquisition and Real Estate and Property Valuation None Currently 30
Commerce: Bachelor of Commerce in: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Official Statistics, Project Planning & Management, Property Management and Valuation, Occupational Health and Safety, Information Systems, Professional Accounting, HRM and Industrial Relations, Public Administration and Management None Currently 200
Education: Bachelor of Education in: Primary Ed, Councelling, Psychology, Special and Inclusive Education and Secondary Ed. (Mathematics, Physics, Food & Textiles, Home Economics, Computer Sciences, Early Childhood Education and Industrial Arts).
Teacher Primary - 80
Counseling & Pshycology - 20
Special and Inclusive Education - 10
Teacher Secondary - 40
Special Areas –Diploma and Certificates: Marine Studies (Nautical Sciences & Engineering), Culinary Arts, Mining, Land Surveying, Aviation (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and Avionics), Early Childhood Education, Forensic Science and Fashion.

20 awards will be for the following areas: Counselling, Special and Inclusive Education, Social and Community work, Project Management, Geospatial Science, Organic Farming, Aquaculture, Horticulture, Animal Health and Husbandry while the remaining 10 awards will be for other special areas in this category.
Aviation - 10 30
TOTAL   950

Local Eligible Education Institutions for NTS

  • Fiji National University
  • University of Fiji
  • The University of the South Pacific
  • Corpus Christi Teachers College
  • Fulton University College
  • Sangam Institute of Techonology


Priority Areas No. of Awards
Infrastructure: Bachelor’s Degree in: Engineering in Hydrology, Hydraulic Engineering, Architecture, Road Engineering and Chemical Engineering. 20
Mining and Milling: Bachelor’s Degree in: Mining, Rock Mechanics, Geology, Mill Engineering and Diploma & Certificate in Mining.
Medicine and Health: Bachelor’s Degree in: Occupational Therapy, Biomedical Engineering, Dermatology, Genetic Science and Molecular Biology, Speech Therapists and Clinical Psychologist.
Environment/ Marine Science: Bachelor’s Degree in: Meteorology and Applied Climatology (Climate Change).
Land/ Town Planning: Bachelor’s Degree in: Land Surveying and Architecture.
Commerce: Bachelor’s Degree in: Customs, Forensic Science, Forensic Accounting, Actuarial Science /Finance, Project Planning & Management.
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Psychologist, Counselling

  1. Applicants must be Fijian Citizens.
  2. The applicant must be an ordinarily resident in Fiji for at least three years before the award commencement date
  3. Applicants must complete Year 13 locally in the year before the award year.For example, to qualify to apply for NTS 2021, the applicant must complete Year 13 locally in 2020.
  4. Students repeating Year 13 are not eligible to apply for either NTS or Overseas scholarship. These students can apply for Tertiary Education Loans Scheme ("TELS").
  5. Double Degrees are not funded either for local or overseas studies.
  6. Applicants must be ranked as a National Topper in the applied priority area 
  7. Applicants must fill an NTS application form and list three choices in the order of priority from the most preferred to the least preferred choice.
  8. Applicants for overseas awards must apply directly with a University of their choice and attach the University offer letter with the NTS application. Preference will be given to the most cost-effective countries and universities

During the regular academic year:

  • School fees: Tuition and other school fees based on the Statement of Account/Bill/Official Receipt payable directly to the Higher Education Institute.
  • Book allowance: Prescribed textbooks and essential school supplies to be paid to the Higher Education Institute at FJD1, 000.00 per academic year.
  • Accommodation and Meals: Payable to students/Hostels etc at FJD2, 400.00 per academic terms for Semester based studies and at FJD2, 000 per academic term terms for Trimester based studies.
  • Monthly incidental allowance: During actual study, for 4/5-month duration of an academic year at FJD100.00 per month.
  • Stipend and travelling expenses for the overseas NTS students will depend on the country of study.
  • NTS Overseas: Tuition, Return Air Fare (Economy Class), One off Establishment Allowance, Hostel/Rent and Meals (Country Specific).

During the summer term:

  • Tuition and accommodation charges as billed by the Institution.
  • All other eligible allowances on a pro-rata basis.

Towards the end of each High School academic year, the Board will publish in the local media, the priority areas that will be given consideration.
Applicants will be invited to apply for the available scholarships.
Application Requirements
To be considered for a NTS Local Scholarship Award, eligible applicants must complete an online application and submit it by the due date for each year.
The application must include:
  • An official academic transcript for Year 12 and 13. (To be submitted as soon as the results are out).
  • Offer letter from the Higher Education Institute. (To be submitted before an offer is made from TSLB).
  • Certified original Birth Certificate
  • Copy Students TIN Letter/FRCA-FNPF Joint Card
  • Evidence of Parents/Guardians Income (Salary Slip or Statutory Declaration for parents who are not working or are in self employement)
  • Copy of Parents/Guardians TIN Letter/FRCA-FNPF Joint Card
  • Copy of bank statement or M-Paisa account with account number under the applicant's name
  • 1 recent Passport Size Photo

How to apply

Online (Preferred Option)
  1. Scan and get all the required documents ready before starting the process of applying online in the pdf, png, or jpg format. 
  2. Visit and register for TSLB online application. Applicants cannot apply online unless registered first.
  3. Once registered fill in the appropriate information.
  4. Upload all the required documents. 
  5. Submit the online application.
  6. Applicants for NTS need not fill another TELS application as all unsuccessful applications for NTS will be considered for TELS.
Applicants who are yet to received their Year 13 results and the offer letter from the University must still apply before the closing dates. These documents can be uploaded later.  However, no applications will be processed unless the Year 13 results and offer letters are uploaded.

Students applying online will be able to log in and check the application status at any time and also print and submit the TSLB Offer Letter, Bond Form and award confirmation letters online.

Submitting a completed application package does not guarantee approval.



  • The Scholarship Committee shall be responsible for assessment of applications against the set criteria.
  • This committee may seek any further information to substantiate claims made by the applicant.
  • All applicants are responsible for gaining acceptance into institutions. Fee structures from the institution must accompany each application form.
  • TSLB receives large number of extremely high scoring candidates for scholarships. Due to the outstanding quality of TSLB’s applicant pool, TSLB may not be able to offer scholarship funding to all high scoring applicants.
  • All scholarship application will go through an extensive review and TSLB’s scholarship decision shall be final and cannot be appealed.
  • Official indication of being granted an award is the receipt of the Confirmation of the award letter from the Chairperson/Chief Executive Officers or any authorized officer of TSLB.


  •   All scholarships offered must be accepted within 7 days after the date posted on the award   notification (email or letter).
  •   All awards not accepted by this deadline will be cancelled and offered to another deserving Fijian student.
  •   To accept the awards students must sign and return the offer letter to TSLB.

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